How to Prevent Chafing While Running

prevent chafing while running
Chafing while running is not comfortable

There is nothing worse than being half way through a great run and you can feel your body starting to rub and chafe. That uncomfortable, stinging feeling of dry skin rubbing against itself is painful and irritating. The more you run, the worse the chafing gets.  Read on how to prevent chafing while running

Chafing can turn a great run into a complete disaster in only a matter of seconds.  There are many companies out there that have developed incredible products that can prevent chafing from ruining your run.  A successful, chafe free run starts with taking the necessary precautions before you even head out on your run to make sure your body is protected.

Tips for preventing chafing while running

The clothing you wear when you run should be made from performance fabrics that are designed to prevent chafing while you are working out. It is important to choose breathable wicking fabrics such as CoolmaxSupplex or Polypropylene. Cotton is not a fibre that lends well to running and excessive sweating and it commonly results in chafing while you run. Clothing should have minimal seams and any stitching should lay flat against your skin. To prevent chafing, do not wear previously untested (haven’t ran in before) or unwashed new clothes when you are going for a significant run.  

To protect yourself from chafing while running, runners can use products such as BodyGlide Anti-Chafe Balm, which is designed to prevent friction and eliminate chafing while you, run. It comes in stick-form and goes on smooth like a deodorant, so it doesn’t leave behind any sticky or powdery substance. It is a long lasting lubricant that should provide you with ample protection from chafing for the entire duration of your run, no matter how much you sweat.

You can also use powdered products like Gold Bond to prevent friction and rashes, which usually occurs from chafing. The powder works by absorbing the moisture while you are running. Foot powders were the more common choice before companies started offering products specifically for long distance runners. The downside to powdered products is sometimes clumps of the powder will form within your shoes once you start to sweat. In order to be effective, the right amount of powder needs to be applied. Not applying enough powder may allow blisters to form on your feet. On the other hand, too much powder may cause uncomfortable chunks to form inside your sock.

Another important step to prevent chafing is by staying hydrated. Drinking plenty of water before and after your run to replenish your bodily fluids is pretty common knowledge for any runner. However, many runners don’t realise is that it’s also necessary to drink water during your run to prevent chafing. Hydrating your body while you run prevents your skin from drying out and cracking as you sweat.  

Chafing is not something a runner has to put up with in order to enjoy their favourite past time. There are many products on the market geared specifically at keeping moisture away from your skin during demanding activities such as running. Running is a relatively inexpensive hobby, so why not invest a little extra money in making sure your body is protected from chafing while you run.How do you prevent chafing when you go running? Please let us know