5 Ways to Make Running with a Metronome Fun

Making running with a metronome more fun
Running should always be fun

By now, we are sure you have already heard of a digital running metronome. However, in case you haven’t, then don’t worry. Because we are here to tell you how this wonderful device can help you in your training and ultimately allowing you to become fitter and healthier. Read on for 5 ways to make running with a metronome more fun.

Most portable digital running metronomes look like a belt buckle that can practically clip onto anything, making it convenient device for running. It keeps beeping at the number of beeps per minute that you select it to beep at. The great thing about a portable metronome is that it reminds you to run with a steady cadence. 

In nutshell, it beeps at a constant rate of steps that you take per minute, especially if your cadence is higher than your typical cadence. Maintaining a steady cadence helps you run at a steady pace. Now, in case you are wondering what cadence is and what does it have to do with your pace…let us help you understand that.

  • Your cadence refers to the number of steps that you make per minute
  • Your pace is usually measured by the number of minutes that it takes you to run a mile or a kilometer
  • Your pace, is therefore defined by your cadence and your stride, which refers to the length of your step

A digital metronome is used not only used by long distance runners or early walkers, but even by musicians. Most trainers usually advise runners to use digital metronome while running because, it can help synchronize your leg and feet movements. Most runners already running with a metronome are usually satisfied with such devices, and in fact find it very useful and effective for improving running form and technique while reducing the likelihood of leg or foot injuries.

Whether you’re new to running with a metronome or currently looking for new ways to spice up your running routine, here are 5 ways to make running with a metronome for fun and exciting:

5 Ways to Make Running with a Metronome More Fun 

1. Hill Training 

Most runners will agree that uphill running is not an easy task. You run uphill for a few minutes and you will realize how tiring and challenging it can be. Uphill running not only drains more energy but can also make your legs feel more-sore. In order to make your running more interesting and fun, you should consider using a metronome while running uphill as the device can increase the efficiency of your uphill running by shortening your stride length. 

Most of us are naturally more likely to take lengthy steps when we run uphill but using a digital metronome can help train us to shorten the length of our strides and decrease the down force. This consequently results in making it easier to run uphill while reducing pressure on your knees, hips and legs.

2. Run Smoothly 

Most of us have some point in our running lives; have probably experienced the odd heavy landing while running. It feels like our feet are landing heavily. Now, there is a reason behind this. It is because of misalignment that we think our right leg is thumping down on the tarmac. In case, you favor one of your legs, it will result in a serious injury which would not heal in the months to come. 

In order to deal with such issues, you should consider using digital metronome for running as it can help you improve your running rhythm. By shortening the length of your strides, it can cut off some of the time in which your heels are on the ground. And this is how it can aid in improving your balance while ensuring you land softly on your feet.

3. Set Cadence Targets 

In order to progress and make your running experience more rewarding, try to set yourself daily, weekly or monthly cadence targets. Keep running for five minutes and then switch on your device, match your foot strikes with the beep of the device and try to co-ordinate the two. Stop to take a reading. Make a target and try to achieve it. This is a great way to motivate yourself to achieve your target cadence rate.

4. The 2, 3 Waltz

In order to make your running experience richer and effective, consider the benefits of waltz.  If you wish to calculate your cadence, match your right foot strike with the beep of your running device. Although, this may feel tedious after some time it can reduce the chance of getting a running related injuries. The waltz helps you take your mind off the “tick tock” of the device and allows you to fully enjoy the running experience.

5. Style

While everything in this world depends on style and fashion, why not your running too? Not only does most digital running metronomes look stylish and cool, such devices ultimately makes running more stress-free, fun and enjoyable while allowing you to run farther, longer and injury-free.

How do you make your runs more enjoyable and interesting? Please let us know in the comments.