Top 4 Videos On How to Use a Metronome for Running

Can you up your running game with a metronome?

Using a Metronome for Running can help many novice and elite runners develop and improve their running form by ensuring runners follow a pattern. Humans love following patterns or a set routine and using a metronome just makes running easier.

With a digital metronome, runners can track, improve and develop their cadence rate, which is the number of times your feet hit the ground a minute.  The more times your feet hit the ground, the faster your cadence rate. 

To put it into perspective, many of the best runners have a cadence rate of 90 per minute. This is where a running metronome can help runners achieve their objective. For runners new to using a metronome, it would be best to begin with something low to can get used to using a metronome while running as it can take some practice.

Top 4 Videos on how to use a metronome for running

There are many reasons for using a metronome for running. So without further delay, here are the Top 4 Videos On How to Use a Metronome for Running:

1. How to Use a Metronome with Chi Running

The video below by talks about the benefits of using a metronome when you run and teaches you how to practice an ideal cadence with Chi Running. If you don’t know, Chi Running is a technique that shows you how run “mindfully, efficiently and without injury”. 

Using a metronome for running ensures you can practice having a proper running form. The video also shows you how to set up the popular Seiko DM50S Digital Metronome.

2. Using a Metronome to Improve Running Cadence

A video by user wahinemultisport that demonstrates how to use a metronome to improve your cadence while running. By having a higher cadence rate, runners can shorten their stride lengths, which allows runners to have a more stable running form.

3. Running Metronome  – Seiko DM51

Most runners would agree that it’s a great tool for helping you develop and improve a more efficient running style. The Seiko DM51B metronome is one of the best and smallest running metronomes on the market and is very easy to use as shown in the video below.

4. Metronome Run

An artistic and fun video by PrecMediaProductions that shows a home built metronome being used for running. Note: Doesn’t show you how to use a metronome for running but we thought it would be fun to include in this list just for fun.

We hoped you found this list informative and somewhat fun.

Do you use a metronome for running? Share your experiences and comments below.