Benefits of Running

Benefits of Running
Benefits of Running

There are so many great health benefits of running besides being a rewarding escape when you need a little time to be by yourself.  Running is considered one of the fastest ways to burn calories, tone your body and to lose weight.  It has also been proven to improve your heart function, lung function, muscles and even your attitude towards life.

The benefits

Running has the unique power to transform your body and your life in the best ways and they will become permanent changes if you make running a part of your daily life. Running increases your HDL cholesterol (good fat) and it also significantly decrease your body fat and your triglyceride levels.  Experts have proven that it can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by improving your overall heart health.  Running also strengthens your heart muscle, which allows your heart to pump efficiently.   Your arteries will stay clear when you heart is functioning at its best.  Better heart health alone is a powerful motivator to make you want to start running.

The exercise also trains your muscles to use oxygen more efficiently when your body is active.  If you work on your endurance and run longer distances, then you will also experience up to a 50% reduction in high blood pressure. There is no medication, supplement or magic pill available that can give you the same health benefits as a good run. 

Weight loss

Frequent runs will also speed up your weight loss efforts at a faster rate than less vigorous activity.  It is so effective because running works out your entire body and it burns almost twice as many calories as walking.  It is a great way to tone and improve your leg muscles, buttocks and core.  It needs to be a consistent part of your daily routine to truly feel the all of the incredible health benefits.   The more often you run, the greater the health rewards will be.

If you run regularly, you can also have many emotional and mental rewards that can improve your overall well-being.  Experts have proven that running can help to fight off depression, anxiety or stress when it is part of your regular routine.  Most people who are new to running also experience a surge in confidence and a desire to live life to the fullest.  There is a sense of empowerment and satisfaction that you get from pushing your body and mind to its limits.      

There are so many physical, emotional and mental reasons to start running now.  For some people it is an escape at the end of a busy day where they are able to leave their professional or personal problems at home.  Other people use it as a problem solving technique to work through issues and find solutions.  It can be the energetic burst you need first thing in the morning or the great work out at the end of your day to help you get a good night sleep.  Start running and not only will you feel physically good and improve your health but your entire outlook on life will change.

What benefits have you seen since running? Let us know in the comments below.