5 Tips for Long Distance Running

Jogging Woman
Do you love long distance running?

If you run a lot of miles on a routine basis, it means you love long distance running. Read on for 5 tips for distance running.

Long Distance Running Tips

1. Push yourself

The only person who can motivate you when you are running is you! When you reach the point that you feel like you simply cannot run anymore, ask yourself if you can make it only a few more steps. Use markers found along your route to be your new stopping point. Once you get to the marker, just keeping pushing a little harder until you make it to the next one. If you always push yourself to go further than before, you will be amazed at how quickly you can run longer for. Each extra step is a step in the right direction.

2. Prepare before you run

Make sure you are prepared for a long run before you even leave the house. Your body needs to be hydrated before you start running and you should start drinking water at least two hours before you run. You should also always bring a few extra dollars with you, just in case you need to stop to pick up more water. Dehydration is the quickest way to kill a run. Your body also needs carbohydrates to give you an extra energetic boost during your run. If you run in the morning, whole grain cereal or toast is a great pre-run meal. Your body also needs some form of lean protein to rebuild your muscles as you run. You can increase your distance running by simply making sure you have prepared for it. 

3. Bring a protein bar or nutritional supplement with you

You are burning calories at an extremely fast rate and your body is going to need some type of replenishment. It is always a good idea to carry a protein bar or something like GU to fuel your body. Find a brand that does not melt or get mushy in the heat and that you can break off tiny pieces easily. All you need is a little nibble as you go and it will give you back some of the nutrients that your run is consuming, so that you can push yourself further.

4. Music

The joy of running is significantly enhanced when you have music to motivate you. It is important to find songs that make you want to move faster and push yourself further. There are a lot of great songs out there with inspirational lyrics that will become the anthem for your distance running. Scientific studies have shown that music can change our mood, help us concentrate and increase our pace during exercise. Find music that will motivate you to reach new distances.

5. Believe in yourself

If you believe you can make it further than you can make it further. Just visualize yourself reaching the next mile marker. Once you get there, realize how easy it was to push yourself a few steps further and then aim to go just a little bit more. It ‘s about reaching your potential by gradually increasing your running distance and believing that you will make it before you even get there.

Any tips we missed? Share your tips for distance running with us below.