Adidas Smart Run GPS Review


Today we look at the Adidas Smart Run GPS running watch, which can be as effective as having your own personal trainer. The Adidas Smart Run is more than a simple an activity tracker as it replaces the need for a strapped heart rate monitor but also features GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Read on for the Adidas Smart Run GPS review.

Adidas Smart Run GPS Review

What makes the Adidas Smart Run unique is it’s the first GPS running watch that combines a strapless optical heart rate monitor into a GPS unit. The Smart Run is clean, simple to use and the strapless heart rate monitor would appeal to anyone who doesn’t like wearing additional straps to receive additional data about their workouts.

The Adidas Smart Run is comfortable and lightweight enough to wear all day and the color touchscreen is intuitive to use. So first impressions after unboxing the Adidas Smart Run GPS watch is how clean and simple the unit is, which arguable makes the watch pretty stylist. Some of the features of the Smart Run include:

  • A large and clear color touchscreen, which can be customised to show your preferred workout views
  • Strapless optical heart rate monitor allowing users to monitor their heart rate
  • Built-in GPS that allows runners to monitor their speed, distances, cadence and routes
  • Music player that allows you to store up to 3GB of your favourite workout tunes
  • Compatible with Bluetooth so you can wirelessly listen to your music collection


  • Features a strapless heart rate monitor, GPS and wireless music player, which combines everything a typical runner needs
  • Large clear color touchscreen makes it easy customise and view what you want
  • Accurate GPS that tracks your position, heart rate, speed and distance travelled through GPS as well as the motions you make via accelerometer.
  • Your performances can be measured with coaching programs that will work with you to help you to improve and continue with your progress.
  • The watch is tough and sturdy to withstand most of the outdoor elements
  • Can store up to 3GB of music
  • Watch can be synced via Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth compatibility allows users to use wireless headphones to listen to music
  • Battery life of up to 8 hours (without music) or up to 4 hours (with music)


  • Expensive high end price of approx. $399.99
  • Battery life can seriously decrease if used with everything on such as music, Bluetooth, GPS or Wi-Fi.
  • Users require a Wi-Fi connection and miCoach user account in order to activate and use the watch, although this only takes a few minutes to set-up once.
  • Data can only be uploaded via Wi-Fi. This can be a problem if you travel or don’t have access to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Unable to export your workout data
  • Music playback can be a little quiet


Color: Black

Display: 1.45” full colour trans-flective TFT LCD

Touchscreen: 184px x 184px

Battery: 410mAh lithium ion

Battery life: Coaching with music: up to 4hrs; Marathon mode without music: up to 8hrs

Charging time: up to 4 hours

Weight: 2.8 ounces

Materials: Soft touch silicon strap, stainless steel bezel, buckle and detailing, magnesium back plate;

What’s in the Box?

1 x Adidas Smart Run GPS watch

1 x USB charging cable (Micro USB and cradle)

1 x User manual

What Other People Say About the Adidas Smart Run

Best fitness tracking product yet!“Unparalleled! Much thought was put into developing each and every bit of this great product! It will be interesting to see how a product like this can be improved further!” By Hurwy from South Africa

Great gym and track assistant“Longtime runner, but only marginally interested in stats, except on long runs. Found the Smart Run had enough additional features to give it a whirl – and I am hooked. I make my own workouts, intervals, and have added in a strength workout to improve form. Love the mp3 player.” By i09K9s from Houston, Texas

Awesome!“I was reluctant to get it but after a deep review on similar products I decided to give it a try. and I have to say ADIDAS you did a great job on this product, the quality is good interface is easy to use the HRM is accurate as well the GPS ( after the update of course) battery life is just ok now what I would like to get on the next update is a Facebook app built in directly on the SW :)” By ROII31 from MA

Video on Adidas Smart Run


The Adidas Smart Run is an effective personal trainer that combines a workout tracker and music player into one unit for your wrist. As well as allowing runners to track their position, speed and distance travelled through the built-in GPS, the Smart Run allows users to monitor their heart rate using the strapless optical heart rate monitor as well as the motions you make via accelerometer.

Priced at under approx. $400, the Adidas Smart Run is a great fitness gadget for beginner and serious runners. Although it is not a smart watch, you still get a lot of fitness technology wrapped up in a small device. There’s nothing better if you want a personal trainer right there on your wrist. Users get great performance tracking as well as information on your progress with the heart rate monitor combined with the GPS and activity monitoring capabilities.

You may be used to having a heart rate monitor so you already know the great benefits to having it as part of your workout routine. If you haven’t, you will be surprised about how great of a product it is and how helpful it will be for your training. It’s not something a casual trainer should have and considering the price you probably don’t want to spend the money if you’re not hard-core runner. However if you are a serious runner, then you won’t want anything else but this Adidas fitness device.

Where to Buy?

Priced at under $400, the Adidas Smart Run can be picked up from or from your local Adidas retailer.

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