Best 10 Running Apps


If you run with your phone for music and tracking there are a variety of apps that will make you a better runner. When you’re looking for the perfect application, you’ll want to consider the features and price before you make your decision. Read on for the best 10 running apps.

Not all people are worried about monitoring their vitals and their exact route, while others are more focused on burning calories and losing weight, or improving speed. You can choose the app that has the most benefits for the exact type of training you’re aiming for by checking out the best 10 running apps below.

Best 10 Running Apps

1. Nike + GPS

The Nike + has GPS and will map your path on an interactive map. It has a coaching program that will set out a training program if you have future races coming up, and you can set running challenges to set goals and compete with other people. The coaching option will train you for races from a 5k to a marathon. The app plays music while you run, it is cheap and easy to use, and it has an option to calculate miles on the shoes you wear while you run.

2. Strava Running and Cycling

With the Strava running and cycling app you can track and time all of your sessions with the GPS, and you can compare with people all around the nation. You will see where your times are placed on the leaderboards if you choose to share your workouts. You can link the account with social media, monitor your heart rate, and get training tips.

3. Runmeter GPS

This application uses large fonts to easily read while on the go. It automatically compares your runs to previous training sessions, and will send alerts to your email and can link with your social media accounts. You can customize the alerts that you get while you’re running, and the voices that you hear. The GPS system also tracks distance and speeds.

4. Endomondo Multisport Master

This is great free running application that tracks your distance and time outdoors, giving you interval readings and allowing you to set goals. You can manually enter the workouts you do inside on a treadmill, and you can share your workouts with friends. You can keep track of cycling and other activities that are a part of your running training with this application. You can also get more features if you pay for the enhanced version.

5. Garmin Fit

One of the biggest benefits of the Garmin Fit app is that it allows you to play music while you work out, and you can change songs without having to pause the run and interfering with your workout. The GPS and mapping system allows you to put in the destinations you want to run to, and then it calculates your mileage, speed, heartrate and calories burned throughout the workout. There is also a Garmin wrist device you can use in correlation with your mobile app. The Garmin Fit app is also available for Android users here.

6. iSmoothRun

One feature the iSmooth app offers that most other running programs neglect is your stride rate, or cadence rate. The app is designed to help you increase your strides, and it has coaching programs to set goals. You can even race your previous times. The application records the weather conditions, distance of the run, calories burned and heart rate, so you can look back at everything after each run. It doesn’t interfere with playing music or podcasts either.

This app can also be used rowing, cycling, on the elliptical and more. This application was created by military professionals to help provide intense training workouts.

7. RunKeeper

The Runkeeper Pro app is one of the most popular running apps for the iPhone. It is easy to use, if you want the jogging only feature it is free, and it tracks your distance and time. You can easily share runs with friends and family on social media platforms, and get comments and words of encouragement when you are out on a run.  If you want more features than the free application provides, the Runkeeper Pro is $4.99.

8. Map My Run GPS

Map my run is great because you don’t have to decide where you will run in advance. Instead, you put in how far you want to run, and what type of terrain you want to run on, and Map My Run will create the route for you. Plus, it offers all of the tracking, timing, heart rate, and calorie burning features the other applications have. You can explore trails and paths around your living area you never knew existed, and you can easily find great running routes while you are traveling.

9. Runtastic

The free app version of Runtastic offers geotagging, running splits, distance tracking, a music player, cheering and an option to see the map while you run. For the Pro version, you can get interval training programs, signals for water breaks, heart rate monitoring and designed routes. This is a very user friendly application that works the best with the iPhone and Android phones.

10. Running for Weight Loss

Running for Weight Loss was designed to provide high intensity interval training workouts for those who are looking to lose weight. The app allows you to pick a beginning level, and then designs a week’s worth of workouts. The workouts are altered to your speed and abilities, to help you keep losing weight. This application is also great for people looking to increase speed during their long runs.

Not all applications will work great with your phone, so read reviews to see which programs are the most compatible with your software, so you don’t have malfunctions or issues while you run. You may want to try out a few different applications before you find what’s best for you.

Some people prefer to see how other people around their age and gender are performing, and they need to push themselves by competing on a public platform with hundreds or thousands of other runners. Others may want to keep their progress private, racing their own times and setting their own running goals. Having any mobile app will be better than having nothing at all, or trying to keep track of everything manually. What’s the best running app do you use? Post your questions or

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